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March 1, 2018
How to start your own company (First 5 steps)
March 16, 2018

Starting your own business can seem daunting, especially when you have little capital to get things going. However, with a little ingenuity, and a lot of hard work, it’s possible to make it happen. Read on to discover how to kickstart your business dream!

Literally kickstart your dream

As much as we all love to complain about how simple life was before the Internet, it has actually made our lives a lot simpler in some ways. Crowdfunding is a perfect example of that – it’s an incredible way to get your business off the ground without necessarily having a network of connected people at your disposal (and let’s face it – sometimes lack of capital is only the second biggest challenge after lack of social capital). Kickstarter is probably the most well-known of these crowdfunding platforms: today, it’s funded over 140,439 projects. Each crowdfunding platform is unique, targeting different kinds of projects and investors. Do your research and find out which one suits you best – if your plan is solid enough, you might just get funded.

Try a little (government) tenderness

To get business and cash flowing, you might want to consider applying for a government tender. There are over 600 different government departments who together issue over 200 requests daily. These are just opportunities waiting to be snatched up! There are quite a lot of rules, and the process involves being quite organized and submitting all the correct supporting documents timeously, so make sure you’re read up on what the process entails before going down this road.

Sing your praises

Nothing instils confidence in your potential customers more than a good testimonial. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you need real people to test out your goods or services and then spread the word. When you don’t have money on your side, you need to offer something in exchange for a good reference. Agree to provide this ‘something’ in exchange for an honest quote (that they’re happy with you using on your website/Facebook page/marketing materials), impress them with your amazing product/skills/services, and then broadcast those words of adoration for all the world to see.

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