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March 1, 2018
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March 16, 2018

The recent W4W event was a beautiful day – students from March Memorial came together for a Makeup Empowerment Workshop, to celebrate their inner strength and beauty and to discover their real potential.

Marsh Memorial Homes

Marsh memorial is a child and youth care centre that sees to the primary care, security and psychosocial development (everything from education and recreation to basic developmental needs) of children between the ages of 5-18 years old.

Makeup Empowerment Workshops

Makeup Empowerment Workshops aren’t just about helping young women feel beautiful – it’s about empowering women by helping them embrace their inner and outer beauty; to learn about self-respect; to learn how to love themselves and have pride in the way they carry themselves, wherever they go. The beautiful thing about makeup is that, while we certainly don’t need it to be beautiful, it’s a form of self-expression; a way for you to tell the world who you are.

On Saturday 23rd February this group of incredible young women were joined by Cindy Nel Roberts, who chatted to them about their goals – there was an encouraging amount of variety and ambition in the dreams the girls had for their lives, and we had among them a future paediatrician, photographer, dancer and forensic scientist (to name a few!). La’eeqa Yunus then took the girls through a make-up tutorial class, and they left with a goodie bag that included makeup products by essence and 15 products they used during the workshop.

The girls were delighted, and left feeling inspired and uplifted from being in the presence of other strong, inspirational women.

Words of wisdom

Rushni Collins, Program Coordinator at Marsh Memorial, has this advice for young women:

“Enjoy your youth; take care of yourself, and know that every battle will only make you stronger. You need to love yourself in order to accept that others love you. Always remember that making an impression is good but leaving an impression on someone’s heart is even better.”

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